Monday, March 10, 2014

my experience

(also my Parsons BBA essay)

While dealing with problems, we often have to look beyond the usual to resolve them. This isn’t always easy and can be quite time consuming. As most people, I too have faced challenges in my seventeen years of life. Nevertheless, I have discovered that analysis and creativity both play a key role in determining answers.

Recently at the annual function held at my school, I was in charge of make-up and costume for several programs. The most challenging performance to style was definitely the piece based on the musical: CATS. A West End and Broadway show, the pressure to ensure perfection was present. The dancers and singers were to appear like cats, using both clothing and make up.


We were on a tight budget and a set of limited days. Thus, I was to work quickly and efficiently. My first plan of action required extensive research. So, for the first few days, I researched all about the musical using all the resources available. I printed out images, observed videos and read the synopsis repeatedly. The performers in the actual musical wore jumpsuits with various colours and patterns usually allied with cats, which were unfortunately unavailable.

I chose to keep it simple with a full-sleeved leotard and leggings, which would both ensure comfort and give the impression of a jumpsuit. I was positive I would be able to find these in various designs in the market, and thus did not give it much consideration. However, when I began to explore, I realised that they were out of budget and thus, a dead end.

Soon enough, I came up with another idea of buying plain black leggings and leotard, which could be painted over to create an array of designs. This, I believed, even gave me an advantage as I could now manipulate the colours to suit the performer. However, soon I found that this too was challenging as fabric paints proved to be too gloomy and impractical. Thus, now I had to think of a novel way to produce colours.

Finally, I came up with a solution. Using fabric paints, I provided texture to the clothes, but by using bright spray paints, I perked up the tint. This gave my costume the right colours and well as the texture of fur. To serve as a tail, I used a rolled up cloth around the waist which also managed to cover the line distinguishing the two items of clothing, seeming like a jumpsuit. Using leg warmers, mittens, scarves, fake ears etc., I accessorized the performers and managed to gear them up.

Yet, make-up was again an arduous task. I couldn’t use face paints or any other type of paints, as it posed the risk of allergies and aversion. So I had to make use of authentic make up which I eventually accomplished. For crimson tones, I used lipstick. Using diverse colours, I made stripes and spots on the cheeks, forehead and chin, serving as the colour of the cat matching his/her costume. For the other colours, I used mascara and eye liner in order to project wildness with intricacy.

The outcome I received was impeccable. I was greatly appreciated by my teachers as well as peers for my creativity and novelty to achieve the look I was appointed to project. Also, my research was acknowledged, which was evident by the way I was able to replicate the original CATS. Using principles of analysis and creativity, I was able to govern and mould my work.

breaking news

I've maintained a hiatus since over seven months now, but lucky for me, I have time to breathe and write a new post now. I've been extremely busy with college applications and the Indian education system, which basically sucks the life out of you, so don't hate me. I'm back for one post and then I promise you'll hear from me regularly after 16th April.

Speaking of college applications, I'm going to share with you my experience of the tedious yet exciting task of putting together my college material. While shortlisting, I was confused out of my mind. I didn't want to apply to too many but wanted to be cautious at the same time. Finally, I decided on three : Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons, and London College of Fashion. My first acceptance came from LCF in December. I was going frantic preparing my SOP, interview piece and my resume. On top of that, with an innate fear of interviews, I was shit scared. With lots of help from here and there, I managed to pull it off and received acceptance in their B.A. Fashion Journalism (hons.) program. I was obviously ecstatic and a bit surprised too. Though I was left with Parsons and FIT, I felt relieved. Eventually, I received acceptance from these two aswell.

My Parsons application was a lot of fun. They require a Parsons Challenge, an essay for my BBA course and three short essays in addition to that. While it seemed like a lot to do, I had loads of fun putting it all together. For my Challenge, I picked my topic as dreams - positive, peaceful and negative. The experience of the whole conception was brilliant and I was happy with it. And well, I suppose so was Parsons. Their acceptance was a real surprise and (no kidding), I think I actually stopped breathing for about five seconds.

FIT was no less. I've probably gone through their webpage about 5,000 times already, virtually raiding their campus. Naturally, I was extremely excited through the process. I managed to write my SOP to my satisfaction and finally send it after proof reading it a gazillion times. My FIT acceptance came via e-mail first a few days back, and I will be receiving my package in a few more days. So, I suggest you to keep a look out for my face on their facebook page.

I'm currently dying a slow death because of these wretched examinations. If you're Indian, you know the pressure of a 12th board examination because you've been brought up hearing how "important" it is. For the rest of my lovely readers, just imagine the Indian Board system as a locked cage whose key is 100 per cent, because 99 is just not acceptable.

Anyhow, this is all that I have for you now. I promise I will be back on 16th April. And please do let me know what you think of my blog's new look!