Sunday, April 21, 2013

a poor judgement for any human being

Before I tell you the main purpose behind this article, I’d like you all to take into account that I believe, fashion, like all other industries, is not evil. And if any of you disagrees, before you read this article, I beg you to stop peeping through a keyhole and look at this “issue” with an open mind.
A few months ago, I’d posted an article, a rebuttal actually, against a Guardian contributor - Tanya Gold’s article on why she hates fashion. And now, she has again managed to agitate me with her routine of looking at the world with blinders. In her article, she says that the Beckhams – David and Victoria - have failed miserably in being parents simply because they let their child model for Burberry.
I think he's having the time of his life. And he's adorable.

I do not know how to even begin correcting this gruesome thought. First of all, I think the root problem to these kinds of notions is that people believe that fashion is wholly sinful. This, to be very frank, is beyond me. I do not understand why fashion is considered so evil? Do you not wear clothes? Do you not groom yourself before going for an interview? Do you not like to feel and look good? Fashion is in everything. You may not realize it, but it plays an important role in your everyday life. People think that wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and carrying Tod’s bags is fashion but actually, it’s not that. There is more to fashion than just labels. I’m not saying labels are extraneous, but they’re not the only thing. You can shop at thrift stores and still be fashionable. Basically, fashion is not exempt from your life. Now speaking about the people in the industry, who Tanya very conveniently calls frivolous, are real people. They have real dreams, hopes, wishes. They enjoy what they do. They love what the do. They’re happy. Live and let live.

Fashion is like any other industry. For example, if the Brangelina couple let one of their kids star in a movie, would that also be to validate their own barmy choices”?
If Beyonce and Jay-z someday let their daughter sing and record an album, would that also be “a poor Christmas gift for a child”?  
What about phone companies whose use child artists for advertising? By Tanya’s logic, she should be saying it’s like "selling your own child" for your own benefit. But no, it’s not. Because it’s a phone company, not a Burberry trench coat.

What about Tavi Gevinson? She’s 17 and running an online magazine! Her passion is exorbitant and so refreshing. What about her dreams? Why are they considered frivolous? Just because they comprise of fashion and not history or science?

Also, I’d also like to ask Tanya and the others who agree with her, how they know  that the Beckhams’ son Romeo did not want to do it? Maybe he’s following his mother’s footsteps, and in no universe is that a problem. Maybe he likes it. Maybe he enjoyed it. Maybe he wants to do it again. You’re actually calling a 10 year old’s dreams materialistic? What about being yourself at that age? What about exploring? What about not going by society’s standards? Just let the kid be. A couple of comments I strongly agree with and would like you guys to read –
 “I am already losing the will to live. Even an article about the 300 uses of sprouts would be more entertaining. Some people just can't live and let live. The Beckham's might not be the brightest apples in the box but they seem to love their kids and have a decent family life.” – Amen to whoever wrote that.
 “Having never believed that Posh/Becks would last more than a year, it is by now pretty apparent that theirs is a stronger relationship than was at first apparent, and probably stronger than any Ms Gold has enjoyed. I suspect that they are therefore rather better parents than Ms Gold insinuates and that, very probably, Beckham Jnr has not been 'sold' like a slave, but is actually up for doing this.
Maybe this article is supposed to be humorous but it comes across as the work of a very sour person indeed.”
 And for goodness sake, there are many many child models. When you take your children to toy stores, don’t you see posters of children playing with those toys? When you buy clothes for your children, don’t you see ads featuring other kids wearing those same clothes?

Finally, I’d like to point out that if given the opportunity, would you not let your child model for a big fashion house if she/he wanted to? Or if she/he got a role in a movie or a song recording or even a play in school? Probably not, right? 

I'm going to conclude by quoting Lagerfeld, another legend Tanya lives to hate, "I do my job like I breathe." - He loves what he does, not because he's materialistic but because he's passionate.


  1. Love this post! I can tell you are passionate about this ... Great job!