Wednesday, May 22, 2013

call me summer

WEARING: Dress from Cupcakes and Closet, Bag from Forever 21

What better for summer than gorgeous dresses? 
And this one definitely makes the cut. Its beautiful pink is gracefully accompanied by a lace collar. It fits accurately and is perfect for those lazy summer days with your girlfriends. Anyway, I love dresses which settle a the top and then flow down. This one's a keeper. I won it in a Giveaway actually where I had to describe how I'd wear it in the summer months. ah, coincidence.
 C&C has always had a way with dresses. Check out their website, SOON.

WEARING : Dress from Forever 21

Another of my favourite summer picks.
This dress has this gorgeous pattern and can basically be summed up in one word - LOVE. It's white, charcoal and azure blue and it's friggin' beautiful. It's actually subtle but somehow sharp (not in an ugly in your face way though). 
Its sexy cut-out back is just another cherry on top.

WEARING : Forever 21 shorts, Bag from random store, Top from another random store, Ring from Aldo Accessories

There is no summer sans shorts. High- waisted shorts are probably the most versatile items in your closet (unless you have a Birkin, everything gets better with a Birkin). This piece of heaven is from Forever 21 and is undoubtedly my staple for this year. Can you blame me?

WEARING: White high-waisted shorts from Zara, Top from random store, Bag from Forever 21

DON'T YOU JUST ADORE THIS OUTFIT? I know I do.These shorts are just about the most important thing in my life. I can't wear them everywhere because they're white and I just CANNOT ruin them. Nevertheless, whose going to stop me from admiring them? This pair is from Zara, looks great with almost anything and is perfect for a formal-but not so much- event.

You're free to rant about how much you love summer too.



  1. Love them all!

  2. You have incredible style. I absolutely LOVE the first two dresses! :)

  3. cool :) !!

    follow each other?:)

  4. Love the white shorts!!! All the looks are beautiful for summer! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  5. Such lovely summer outfits! I really like that first dress! :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Great outfits, first dress is sooo amazing!

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